A best friend is someone you can share anything with. Whether it’s a secret or a pair of shoes.

Her closet is your closet! Because she knows that you need that skirt for your big date, just like she needs that dress for a party. You’re dying to try on that necklace she wore last weekend, and she asks to steal a sweater on her way out.

A best friend just gets it. And for over 15 years, Sarah and Delara have been trading fashion secrets, both in love with the other’s sense of style. And now, they want to share that love with you!

sa’del is rooted in a passion for self-expression through style. The collections are curated to combine trend and longevity, and provide those stand-out pieces that will live in your closet for years to come. With decades of retail and buying experience between them, Sarah and Delara have come together to bring you a fresh new avenue for fun, fashion, and friendship.

With love from our closet to yours,



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